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Q: When should I get my windshield replaced?
A:  When dealing with a cracked windshield it is important not to procrastinate. Several factors can cause a cracked or chipped windshield to worsen. Natural vibrations, occurring while driving can cause windshields to crack further. Extreme temperatures (hot or cold) put a tremendous stress on chipped or cracked  windshields and can result in further damage. For example: Your vehicle sitting in direct sunlight on a hot summer day, Washing your car on a hot day, and  defrosting your windshield on a cold day.  Windshields containing damage in the drivers direct line of site should be replaced, not repaired do to scaring that could be a distraction. Such a windshield could be a hazard since the driver's vision can be impaired by them.
Q: Do I have to go where my insurance agent or company tells me?
A: No! In Michigan the consumer has the right to pick any glass provider they wish to perform work on their own vehicle. Many insurance companies will send you to the shop that just offers them the lowest possible price, not taking in to account quality, OEM Materials vs. aftermarket, experience, education or customer satisfaction. You would not want to go to the cheapest doctor with the least amount of experience or even a mechanic for that matter. Your windshield is a major safety issue and an improperly installed windshield could be the only thing between life or death! In most cases the insurance company has entered into contracts with 3rd party glass claims networks which take and file the claim info for the company and several of these own their own glass companies such as Safelite Solutions which represents companies like Progressive, Nationwide, Geico, Citizens and many more. Safelite Solutions also owns Safelite Auto Glass and in most cases when you call in the claim they will assume you want to use their shops, effectively sending the work to themselves and unless you direct them to use another shop they won't offer the choice. It's called steering and it is legally prohibited, and thou they deny it happens watch out for it. Most customers don't know they have a choice and the networks will take advantage of this and then quality suffers, as their competition becomes less of an issue for them. The other 4 major Glass networks are Lynx Services, Quest, HSG Code Blue and Great Lakes Claims Services. These companies do not own a glass shop and will ask where you would like to go, as they should. If you have no preference they will suggest three reputable shops that are close to you  and offer them a good price, and then they let you choose 1 of them. Lynx represents companies like State Farm, Allstate, and AAA Michigan. Great Lakes represents companies like Frankenmuth and Michigan Insurance. Quest represents companies like Auto Owners, Pioneer, Hastings Mutual and Secura. These three networks will not try to steer you and you can rest assured they do their homework on the glass shops they let join their networks.
Q: Is windshield Repair covered by my insurance?
A:Yes, If you have full or Comprehensive coverage your stone chip repairs will be covered 100% by the insurance company regardless of your deductible, due to the fact that they waive your deductible for repair instead of replacement. The only Insurance company at this time that does not waive the deductible is State Farm. If you carry a deductible with State Farm you will have to pay the full amount of repair cost, currrently $45.00. All other insurance companies, it will be free!
  The National Windshield Repair Association
Q: Is auto glass replacement covered by my insurance?
A:  YES, If you carry full or comprehensive coverage, all of your auto glass is covered by your insurance, less your comprehensive deductible. It does not matter how it got damaged, whether by vandalism, a rock from the road or an angry spouse with a baseball bat, your insurance will cover it.
And remember at KALAMAZOO AUTO GLASS WE HELP YOU PAY SOME OR ALL OF YOUR DEDUCTIBLE FROM $50 UP-TO $100 depending on your insurance company and the piece of glass that is damaged. Except where prohibited by the carrier.
Q:  Which insurance companies do you work with?
A:  All of them! We work with every insurance company in the country. They prefer us due to our customer satisfaction surveys, we only use OEM glass and urethane, and we accommodate each of their pre-determined rates and back our work and materials for as long as you own your vehicle. There are a couple of companies we won't waive deductibles for due to their unwillingness to pay a fare wage for a top quality job, and we would rather turn down a job than be forced to cut corners and put our customers at risk. Such companies are Esurance, Some progressive jobs and any other internet only company. We only use OEM Glass and Urethaine and retain the best Auto Glass Installers in the area so when a "Cheap" insurance company wants to only pay for aftermarket glass and cheap 12 Hr. cure time urethane and glass companies who just started in the business, we have to pass on that Ins. company and spend our quality time doing the job right for those Insurance companies that are willing to pay for your families safety.
Q:  But I'll have to file a bunch of paperwork and get reimbursed,  Right?
A:  WRONG, in most cases the insurance company does want you to call in the claim yourself to help keep down fraud, but this is only a few minutes on the phone answering some basic questions. Some companies still let the glass shop call it in for you such as Auto Owners, Allstate, Michigan Millers, and Grange, In these cases we are happy to call it in for you. Call us first and we will tell you the process for your company, but in any case it's only 2-3 Minutes on the phone, a little more for companies represented by Safelite Solutions. Once a claim has been initiated by you or us, we take over from there filling out all required paperwork and we bill direct to your insurance electronically, so there is no out of pocket expense to you except your portion of your deductible if any. 
Q:  That's great, but will my insurance rates go up if I file a glass claim?
A:  NOT AT ALL, damaged auto glass does not reflect your driving ability, so why should it have a bearing on your level of risk to the insurance company? Auto glass replacement falls under your Comprehensive portion of your insurance rather than the collision category, so you can get a shiny new windshield and your rates will stay the same. In fact your insurance company wants you to get it replaced , because it is so dangerous to drive with a broken windshield, the cost of the accident that may have been caused by the sun shining from the crack would be much higher than the windshield and cause yourself  and others injury. And don't forget the rollover strength is diminished by up-to 70% when you have a crack in your windshield. But don't take our word for it, call your agent and verify for yourself.
Q: I heard that some shops will waive my deductible, Will You?
A: In the past we were able to waive a portion of your deductible, however the constant discounts that insurance companies demand and cost of business going up, we are no longer able to waive deductibles. 
Q: Where do I need to take my car and how long will it take?
A:  You have several options depending on weather. If you would like to bring in your car and wait for it, The install usually takes less than an hour, You can also drop it off and pick up later or have lunch next door at Denny's or Perkins. If the weather is good we can do mobile service to anywhere you are in  our 3 county service area. If the weather is not good and you have an enclosed shelter such as a pole barn or garage, we can bring a portable heater and warm your space to an acceptable  temperature safe for install. We also offer a Pick-UP and Delivery service if you are in 15 mile radius of the shop. The vehicle does have to be in good working condition and have legal plates, insurance and registration and at least a 1/4 tank off fuel. The shop is located at 23490 W. M-43, Kalamazoo, MI 49009. You can use the map feature on this link for more directions and actual radius. 
Q: If you install my glass at my home, do I need to be there?
A:  No, all we need is for your car to be unlocked and parked in a spot where we can have clear access to all sides of the vehicle and can open the doors fully. If we are replacing a door glass and you have power windows, we will need the keys. If keys are needed we will arrange a place for you to hide them. If a payment is due, you can pay by phone prior to your appointment or you can leave a check on the driver side visor. Your copy of the receipt and invoice will be left in the car and we will lock your vehicle when the job is complete unless otherwise requested.
Q:  What if it is raining, snowing or below freezing on the day of my appointment? 
A:  No problem, If you have a shelter such as a garage or pole barn with closeable doors, we can heat up that area to a safe temp. If no shelter is available, we offer Free pick-up and delivery or you can bring in your vehicle to the shop. Worse case scenario, we may have to reschedule.
Q:  So what about quality, I have heard horror stories from friends about water leaks, new rust and glass coming loose from the pinch weld?
A:  You can rest assured that when you choose Kalamazoo Glass & Windshield, you have chosen a glass shop whose primary goal is safety, along with safety comes customer satisfaction, and heres how we make that happen. We only utilize OEM Glass (Original Equipment Manufacturer)  In fact we use the same brands on your vehicle as the manufactures, we buy them from the same companies the auto makers due.  We use such brands as PPG, Pilkington, LOF, Carlite, Mopar and Guardian. If you look at the maker of the glass in your car, you will probably see one of these brands. The Urethanes and primers we use are made by Essex Beta Prime. Urethane is the adhesive which is used to hold windshield and molding to the vehicle. Most car manufactures also choose Essex adhesives such as Ford, GM, Chrysler, Dodge and many other foreign manufactures. Some glass shops just choose based on what is the cheapest, and when that happens you could get OEE Glass or (Original Equipment Equivalent) the producers are usually from china and due to infringement rights, they have to make some changes in the glass such as making it thinner, lighter, different curvature, color of tint and quality of inner layer. Safelite is one of these manufactures and market their glass under the name SGC. We also only use the best installers certified by Performance Achievement Group. We voluntarily follow the  AGRSS (Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards) recommendations, plus more of our own installation steps .We are also members and recognized by the NGA,(National Glass Assoc.) NWRA (National Windshield Repair Assoc.) and BBB.( Better Business Beauru). We are so confident in our materials and ability of our installers, we offer a Lifetime warranty against leaks, materials and workmanship. FOR AS LONG AS OWN YOUR CAR! That's no Joke!!!!!

Q: My windshield has a forward collision alert system, lane departure warning system or Lane assist system. Do these need to be re-calibrated?
A: Maybee, We do our best to put the windshield back exactly as it was installed by the dealer. However some of the newer cars do require a dealer only re-calibration.  If your car gives you a message that it needs to be re-calibrated then you will need to take it to your dealer because they have to computer system to complete this task properly. This would be paid by you. Most insurance companies will reimburse you for this charge as part of your original claim

Q: You write a lot about windshields, Do you install other glass as well like  door glass?
A: You Bet! We install all components of auto glass with the exception of sun roofs and conversion van specialty glass. Items like the door glass, vent glass, truck sliders, van sliders, back glass, quarter glass and side panel glass are all no problem! We do also limit the production year of vehicles we are willing to work on to 1995 and up.
Q: Well I'm sold! How long is the wait for an appointment and how long does it take?
A:  We can usually install your glass the very next day or if you call before 12:00PM and we have space available we can get you in that very same day! How long it takes depends on the car and the piece of glass but for a windshield you are usually looking at about 45 min. to an hour and with cure time you are usually ready to go in about 1 1/2  hrs. We use the best urethane that utilizes chemicals to cure rather than the normal urethane that uses heat and humidity to cure. There is not very much of that in the winter in Michigan. So instead of a wait time of up to 12 Hrs, ours cures in 1 Hr. Cure time means the time it takes the urethane to dry to a point where it can withstand a front end collision at a specific speed and still maintain its bond with the windshield making it safe for you to drive.
Q: So I had my windshield replaced and it looks great! But after I left I noticed a squeaking, crackling or creaking sound. It's kind of annoying! Is this normal?
A:  Yes this is normal in many cases. What you are hearing is the band new moulding which has a sticky primer on it, rub against a very clean and primed pinch weld (the area of the body where the windshield is glued to the car is two pieces of flat metal that are pinch welded together to create the windshield opening) which is also sticky with primer. These noises will dissipate over time depending on how much you drive your car. These noises can be amplified in the winter because the moulding is stiffened with the cold weather. It can take 1 to 4 weeks and has no impact on the safety of your installation. If you still hear them at the same level after this period, please call us so we can look at it to see if there is another cause like the dash, A pillar mouldings or Cowling. 

Q:There is tape on the top of my windshield. When should I remove this?
A:  You can remove any tape the day following your install. This is used to keep your windshield in the proper place while the urethane cures. Do not leave on more than 24 hrs.
It has been a pleasure talking with you, Just give us a call at your convenience to set your appointment and please drive safely.
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