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What to Expect at Your Windshield Replacement Appointment

You probably haven't had to purchase many windshield replacements, if any. So you may have some questions concerning the way auto glass replacement appointments are scheduled. Here's a look at what happens on the day of your appointment:

Exact appointment times?
With mobile auto glass replacement appointments, it’s virtually impossible for technicians to give you a specific time that they will arrive. This is because, due to the nature of the business, unexpected things often happen. A windshield installation may be more difficult than expected (this is especially true on brand-new vehicle models or automobiles that have rust or other damage around the windshield installation area).

However we don't want you waiting around for us for 4 hours like most other places, so we do give you an exact time but ask for your understanding if we are a little late. we are usually on time but sometimes we just have one of those days!

Several things can lead to a technician running behind schedule—waiting for a customer to arrive at an appointment, the incorrect auto glass being specified for an installation, or difficulty finding the appointment location. To make it easier for both technician and customer, all auto glass shops schedule in blocks of time. If everything goes according to plan throughout the day, a technician will arrive at the earlier part of the time block, but if the previous installation takes longer, you can still get your auto glass replacement that day—the time block acts as a buffer, just in case.

Pre-Appointment Phone Call
If you request it, we will  give you a call to let you know when they're on their way so you can prepare for the appointment if you need to. Give the CSR a phone number (such as a cell phone) that they'll be able to reach you at during your appointment time block.

No Need to Take a Day Off Work to Schedule Your Appointment
The vast majority of installations are performed via mobile service, and you can set up a mobile appointment at any location you choose: your home, work, a neighbor’s house, etc. Many auto glass technicians even offer "absent appointments," meaning that you don’t have to be there while the installation is taking place. If it is raining, snowing or below freezing, we will need an enclosed shelter like a garage or pole barn to do the work Mobile, or we can pick your car up and drop it back off to you.

Glass and Materials Clean-Up
If your auto glass was broken and there are shards of glass in and around your car, your installer will do his or her best to vacuum or sweep all the broken glass up. Also, you can expect your technician to clean up any debris caused by the installation—broken glass, old moldings, stripped urethane, and other materials.