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 Do I have to go where my insurance agent or company tells me?

 No! In Michigan the consumer has the right to pick any glass provider they wish to perform work on their own vehicle. Many insurance companies will send you to the shop that just offers them the lowest possible price, not taking in to account quality, OEM Materials vs. aftermarket, experience, education or customer satisfaction. You would not want to go to the cheapest doctor with the least amount of experience or even a mechanic for that matter. Your windshield is a major safety issue and an improperly installed windshield could be the only thing between life or death! In most cases the insurance company has entered into contracts with 3rd party glass claims networks which take and file the claim info for the company and several of these own their own glass companies such as Safelite Solutions which represents companies like Progressive, Nationwide, Geico, AAA, Citizens and many more. Safelite Solutions also owns Safelite Auto Glass and in most cases when you call in the claim they will assume you want to use their shops, effectively sending the work to themselves and unless you direct them to use another shop they won't offer the choice. It's called steering and it is legally prohibited, and thou they deny it happens watch out for it. Most customers don't know they have a choice and the networks will take advantage of this and then quality suffers, as their competition becomes less of an issue for them.
 The other three major Glass networks are Lynx Services, Quest and Great Lakes Claims Services. These companies do not own a glass shop and will ask where you would like to go, as they should. If you have no preference they will suggest three shops that offer them the best price, and then they let you choose 1 of them. Lynx represents companies like State Farm, 21st Century and Allstate. Great Lakes represents companies like Frankenmuth and Michigan Insurance. Quest represents companies like Auto Owners, Pioneer, Hastings Mutual and Secura.  KALAMAZOO GLASS & WINDSHIELD IS A MEMBER OF ALL MENTIONED NETWORKS AND IS APPROVED BY ALL OF THEM TO DO YOUR AUTO GLASS REPLACEMENT OR REPAIR! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TELL THEM YOU WOULD LIKE TO USE OUR FACILITY AND THEY WILL EXPEDITE YOUR REQUEST WITHOUT DELAY.