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We will warranty our work for as long as you own your car or the life of the glass, whichever comes first. The warranty is against any defect in materials, workmanship, stress cracks or leaks, UNLESS rust is already present in the area of the work to be performed or new damage occurs in which case NO warranty is expressed or implied! There is no warranty against new damage such as a stone chip or any other ways a windshield can be damaged. If you have your windshield changed by another glass company or body shop after we have changed it, your warranty ended once it was damaged or removed by them and the warranty going forward would be the responsibility of the new glass provider. 

Exception to the warranty regarding defect in materials: We do not manufacture the glass we install. It is purchased only from OEM Providers and they are the same providers used by most auto manufacturers to make their dealer glass. They have the exact same specifications as the dealer glass and they are licensed by the auto manufacturers to do so. These companies are Pilkington, PGW, PPG, Guardian, Carlite, AP Tech, UA,  Sekurt and more. The only difference between this glass and dealer glass is that they just do not put the vehicle make of the vehicle printed on the glass.

The exception to the defect warranty is in regard to minor distortion or blemishes in non acute vision areas. Most curved glass has some distortion in some areas, usually around the edges or bottom of the windshield where there is the most curvature and can be noticed if you look directly at the area while moving. There is safeguards in place by the manufactures to limit this to an industry standard and they use lasers and light refraction to make sure any distortion is within an industry acceptable limit set forth by the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Bureau).  As long as the distortion is not in the direct line of site (or the acute vision area) for the driver or the passenger and the distortion is only on the bottom or corners this is considered acceptable by the industry and can be found on replacement glass and new glass on new vehicles alike. We do inspect every windshield for this defect visually once we receive the part as a last chance to catch it in acute areas but can be very hard to see when not installed in a moving vehicle. If yo notice a distortion after your install please let us know so we can do a free inspection to see if it is within the NTSB's limits. If we find that it does not meet those limits we will get authorization from the manufacture for a swap out. However if they are within the NTSB's limits they will not honor any manufacture warranty nor shall we. If it is outside of limits or in the acute areas we will replace the glass at no cost to you as long as the windshield has not sustained any new damage such as rock chips or other damage.