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What Information We Need to Replace Your Auto Glass

You have a cracked windshield, and it needs to be replaced. You have gotten quotes and are ready to call the shop to get your appointment scheduled. What information do you need to give the shop to finalize the appointment? The following are things your auto glass shop will ask for. Take a look at your vehicle or call your dealer if needed so you'll have this information ready:

1. Your vehicle's year, make, and model.
A no brainer, right? Yes, but it never hurts to double-check. Having the correct year, make, and model will ensure that the right piece of auto glass is ordered and brought to your appointment.

2. Your auto glass features.
A feature can be anything from a tint color to a rain sensor, depending on your vehicle. Some features, mainly on specialty vehicles such as BMWs or Jaguars, can only be determined by your dealer. All you have to do in that case is call your dealer with your vehicle identification number (VIN) and they can tell you all the options on your specific vehicle. Some auto glass shops will even call your dealer for you. The most common features that customers are unsure about are shade bands, electrochromic mirrors, and rain sensors.

Shade band. This is a noticeable colored tint located at the very top of your windshield that comes down about 5-6 inches. (Note: it's not the pattern of black dots or the black strip that runs around the entire windshield. This black strip is just to protect the seal from being damaged by the sun's UV rays.) The shade band actually helps screen your eyes from the sun.

Electrochromic Mirror. This is a rear-view mirror that automatically dims when it senses bright headlights. The mirror glass has a greenish tint. The easiest way to tell if you have this feature is to look for a toggle button on the bottom of the mirror. If you have this toggle button, you do not have an electrochromic mirror.

Rain Sensor. Not sure if your windshield has an automatic rain sensor? If you turn your windshield wipers to the "intermittent" setting and they either a) come on automatically when it rains, or b) adjust speed based on the amount of rain or your vehicle's speed, then you have this feature. Still not sure? Try turning your car on, switching the wipers to intermittent, and spraying water anywhere on the windshield with a squirt bottle. If the wipers activate, you have a rain sensor.

3. Your insurance information.
If you have full coverage insurance, your auto glass replacement will likely be covered under your policy. We will help you file your claim and take care of all the paperwork for you. All you need is the name of your insurance provider, policy number, when the damage happened (an approximate date is OK), and the CSR will help you with the rest.

4. Your convenient scheduling options.
If you’re getting a mobile installation, your CSR will be able to give you an exact appointment time, but this is aprox time, many factors can slow down the installers so it's helpful for scheduling if you have one or two days in mind when you are most available. Installations can be done at your home, work, or anywhere you choose—but to ensure your appointment is taken care of on the scheduled date, you'll need to park your vehicle in one location around your scheduled time, usually 30 min. give or take.